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DIANA - Collagen Enhancing Day - Night Cream 100g

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Day-Night Cream to enhance Collagen in Skin. Contains 100% Vanilla Beans, 100% Argan Oil, Beeswax. Benefits: •Rich in Antioxidants which prevent & reverse skin damage & signs of ageing & Age spots • for Smooth & Soft Skin •Soothes burns •Rich in B-Vitamins, incl. Niacin, Thiamin, Vit B6, Pantothenic acid •Reducing wrinkles  •Tightening Sagging skin •Reducing “crow’s feet” •Shrink pores •Improve skin tone •Rejuvenate ageing skin  •Improve skin elasticity •Anti-Bacterial •Acne •Anxiety & Depression •Adds a glamorous glow to skin •Natural SPF15.