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Alvi's Drift - VERREAUX - PINOTAGE 2018

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A Singular Vision
The Mighty Verreaux Eagle with a total length of up to a meter and a wingspan of up to 2.3m (7’7”) is one of the largest eagles in the world. This rare and magnificent eagle with the unmistakable jet-black colouration and distinct white “V” on its back is a common sight in the skies above Alvi’s Drift. Soaring high above any other, it is the undisputed king of the sky. Alvi’s Drift honours this legendary South African bird with a uniquely South African wine that soars above all others. A wine made without compromise to showcase the very best of what makes Alvi’s Drift and South Africa unique and exceptional

Vintage Note
2018 was a challenging vintage as it was one of the driest years especially during the growth and ripening periods, but more so, due to severe frost damage and crop losses during September and October. With efficient use of irrigation water, healthy vineyards with limited incidences of pests, diseases or rot, thanks to dry weather, we managed to harvest good quality grapes with the intensity of colour and fruit flavour. The grapes were destemmed and crushed and then transferred to our traditional open fermenters for fermentation. The juice was left to soak for a few days to extract the optimum flavour and colour from the skins. Once fermentation commenced the cap was punched through by hand up to 8 times per day. After fermentation, the wine was matured for 22 months in a combination of new French and American Oak barrels.

Tasting Note
The Verreaux Pinotage is made without compromise, in small volumes, with intense colour, robust tannin and juicy, ripe fruit flavours of black cherries and plums, the fruit is complimented with complex flavours of nuts, spice and vanilla. Blended from individually selected barrels, the discerning wine lover will appreciate that the Verreaux will reach full potential with 8 – 10 years of careful cellar maturation.

Cultivar Information
100% Pinotage

• Residual Sugar 4.4g/l • Alcohol 13.7% • Acidity 5.8 g/l • pH 3.4