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ELIM - Mediheel Fungal Force

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Elim Mediheel Fungal Force

The Elim Fungal Force is a radical treatment combining the natural forces of Science and Nature. Treatment includes a strong antibacterial active (Tea Tree Oil and Triclocarban) and an acidity agent Undecylenoyl Glycine to block any bacteria.

• Undecylenoyl Glycine is a natural substance derived from sunflower and oat proteins. This is added to Fungus Force for two reasons: It is a natural antibacterial which can help control any bacterial infection, Undecylenoyl Glycine also helps to support the natural acidity of the skin, making it more difficult for secondary bacterial infections to start.

• Tea Tree Oil is well known for its antiseptic properties. It ia also a natural antibiotic.

• Triclocarban is an antimicrobial active to reduce harmful bacteria on the nail. • Ethoxydiglycol is added to the formula as a solvent to make Fungus Force easier to apply to nails.

• Propylene Glycol provides increased moisturizing ability and helps to spread the formula evenly by acting as a lubricant.

Directions: Apply one drop twice a day to a clean nail. Do not wipe. Allow to dry. Use for 28 days.


Elim Spa Products International was founded in 2004 by Shantelle Booysen, owner & designer of all the treatments. Shantelle had a driving need for a premium pedicure with proven results.  This later developed into a UV Protective Manicure and a proven solution to prevent Stretch Marks.  Recently the brand launched Elim Natura, a Vegan, natural range with the focus on Yoga, Sauna Products and at home Massages.