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BENEFITS: •Day cream •Night cream •Eye cream •Skin Damage repair  •Ironing out your wrinkles •Sagging skin •Puffy eyes  •Wound healing •Shrink pores •Dark under eye circles •Adult Acne, skin irritations, etc. BEESWAX: •Anti-Bacterial  •Anti-Inflammatory •Anti-Oxidant •Natural Sun Protection (SPF15) •Water proof  HONEY: •Antibacterial •Anti-inflammatory •Anti Ageing •Acne •Complexion boost •Shrink pores •Unclog pores •Wound healing 

Side Effects: *Not for people with BEE-product allergies.  How to use:  Apply as daily moisterizer. Excellent for open wounds. Do allergy test before use.            CONTAINS:  Beeswax, Honey, Frankincense, Neroli. NOTE: Colour & fragrance of product may vary from batch to batch, due to colour & fragrance of beeswax & honey.