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ELIM - MediHand Nail Hardener

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MediHand Nail Hardener

Prolonged exposure to water, acrylic applications or a vitamin deficiency can all play a role in weak or brittle nails. Elim Nail Hardener was scientifically formulated to simultaneously cause the nail's keratin structure to strengthen, while a protective shield forms over the nail, decreasing chips and allowing soft nails to grow.


• Nitrocellulose, a long-lasting, film-forming agent derived from cellulose.
• Fumaric Acid - a PH adjuster for your nails.
• Methylene Glycol - a liquid alternative to harden and strengthen nails.
• Tricyclode Dimethanol Copolymer - A UV blocker to protect your nails.
• Citric Acid - to ensure a natural PH of the nail
• Butylene Glycol - to condition and hydrate the nail
• Phenyl Trimethicone - used as a barrier to stop any moisture loss from the nail.
• Atelcollagen - for strong, supple, and smooth nails.
• Sphingolipids - lipid (fat) that functions as a nail replenishing and conditioning agent.
• Chitosan - a restoring and soothing ingredient.
• Cyclodextrin - an ingredient that increases the delivery of actives in a formulation. • Dextrin - a nail texture enhancer.
• Carbomber - for excellent spreadability.