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Wine master note: Made from a single vineyard on the property these wines rely on a mould growth called Botrytis Cinerea to concentrate sugars and modify flavours whilst grapes are still on the vine. The occurrence of Botrytis Cinerea relies heavily on weather conditions and therefore are only made in those years that the ‘stars align’ and this process naturally happens.

The initial greeny straw colour that will intensify over time. The wine delivers with heady notes of pineapple, orange peel, grapefruit and dried peaches. Hemmed by notes of honey, raisin and rose oil, adds to this already complex bouquet. This intensity follows suit with a velvety and creamy texture engulfing the palate.

The quest to produce quality across the board is concluded with this luscious wine. Elegant and classy, the wine commands attention with great intensity and dimension. The balance between sweetness and acidity will certainly aid longevity, making this wine a force to be reckoned with in its class. Aging potential: enjoy now or up to 10 years from vintage.

Winemaking Notes

In the cellar
Botrytis cinerea grapes were meticulously selected and harvested by hand. Different pickings helped build complexity and layers into the wines. Destemming was followed by 24 hours of cold maceration. Thereafter the fruit was pressed to extract the highly concentrated juice. After settling, fermentation occurred in both stainless steel tanks at 16°C.

Growing Conditions

Walker Bay has become synonymous with quality Sauvignon Blanc. This should compel consumers to look beyond dry examples and also recognise South Africa’s ability to produce world class sweet wines. Nudged by the lagoon with vistas of the Atlantic Ocean, the vineyards enjoy cool daytime temperatures that drop even more at night. These diurnal changes along with the cool ocean mist helps to create favourable conditions under which botrytis cinerea can flourish, amplifying the intensity of the grapes.

Food Pairing

Best to enjoy
This wine is incredibly versatile. Serve chilled to add a fresh lift to the sweetness
Strong cheeses | preserves| pâtés | pastries.