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    Solanum Bush
    R 200.00
    Cyclamen in Pink Pot
    R 200.00
    Monstera Adanosii Moss Pole
    R 350.00
    Cyclamen with pot & saucer
    R 150.00
    Ficus Bonsai in Solar Bowl
    R 250.00
    Peperomia Angulata
    R 90.00
    Phalaenopsis 2 stem Small Glass Pot
    R 250.00
    Heart Shape Wire Plant
    R 200.00
    R 65.00
    Peperomia Prostrata String of Turtles
    R 110.00
    Spathiphyllum in pot & saucer
    R 155.00
    Succulent in Milan Ceramic
    R 50.00
    Large Spathiphyllum
    R 200.00
    Philidendron Narrow Golden Ring Of Fire
    R 135.00
    Philidendron Giganteum Jungle Fever
    R 150.00
    Hebe Diosmifolia 2L
    R 80.00

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